Snapstore Authentication Porblem


When we first install the image, the application cannot connect to the snapstore because the network connection comes later, but when we install the same image on it again, this time it authenticates with the snapstore. If possible, is there a way to authenticate the snapstore side manually and/or with a script?

Hi @ahozdemir,

I’m assuming you can not get a serial assertion from the Serial-Vault in the initial boot. Snapd snap is responsible from getting the serial-assertion from the Serial-Vault by using the configuration in the gadget snap. If the snapd can not get a serial assertion due to the whatever reasons, then it re-tries every minute up to 15 times according to the mentioned lines in the below. But I’m not totally sure if this is a correct statement.

Would it be possible to share the output of the snap changes in case you could not fetch a serial assertion? Also, it is weird to have serial-assertion once you re-flash the image. What changes ? Do you format the disk before flashing the image?