Snaps still showing a proprietary when they are open source

I still have snaps listed as the wrong security level, one example is this one listed a potentially unsafe (proprietary) when they are open source, have no closed source parts?

I haven’t checked them all recently but last time I check some months or a year ago, many of my snaps where wrongly listed, I have mentioned it here before with no response.

The Snap Store page says that the license is “unset”. Have you tried using the license keyword in the snapcraft.yaml file?

See this page for details:

Ah okay so that’s how it decides the security level? that would be a bit odd but I will set the License on the next update.

I don’t know if that influences the security level. I just thought it might be something that would help with any “proprietary” classification. :slight_smile:

can you elaborate on “security level” ?

i don’t think we have any such key in the pages (or in snaps in general) since usually all snaps are secure unless they are classic ones (which undergo manual review before upload to cater for this), where exactly do you see this ?

Here it’s via the software center program installed by default on Ubuntu. This might not be related to snap directly actually as I have also added Flathub to this software center. It would be good to know what controls this setting/indicator however.

Via VoxelPaint Flatpack: image

Via VoxelPaint Snapcraft: image

Via TuxPusher Flatpack: image

Via TuxPusher Snapcraft: image

I set a GPL-2.0-Only license on VoxelPaint in the snap yaml, also the same in the Flatpack appdata. I set no license on TuxPusher in the snap yaml, I have set GPL-2.0-Only license in the Flatpack appdata.

That sounds like a bug in the gnome-software application itself to me, blindly marking things “unsafe” just because the packaging system is not fully understood…

(Note that this app will vanish from Ubuntu default installs in future releases)

Really, it is planned to be removed? Why, is it going to be replaced with a successor marketplace / software?

Because it is slow and clunky by design (running a backend daemon permanently eating resources etc) and lots of users complain…

there is a flutter based version in the preview/candidate channel that is supposed to become the new one.