Snaps not in App Menu on Kubuntu

I’ve been running Ubuntu Mate for a good while and when I install a snap a launcher is automatically added to the applications menu.
Having been missing the Plasma desktop lately I installed Kubuntu 18.04 this week. After installing the snaps I have been using, I noticed the launchers were not showing in the app menu, even after rebooting.

I added the launchers manually to ~/.local/share/applications and they are now present in the ‘lost & found’ category.
This is a workable solution, but not having run Kubuntu with snaps before I’m wondering if this is caused by something on my set up or if it’s normal for the snap launchers not to show up in the menu on this distro.

The snaps I’m using are:

All automatically show up in the MATE app menu, but none in Kubuntu.

I’m seeing the same problem. I’m a Bionic Unity user, installed kubuntu-desktop package and created a new user to test out kubuntu. No snaps of those already installed appear on the menu. They can be manually run from the terminal if I directly invoke the relevant /snap/whatever command.

Snaps installed:

Name                     Version      Rev   Tracking  Publisher     Notes
atom                     1.28.2       185   stable    snapcrafters  classic
brave                    v0.23.77dev  28    stable    brave         -
communitheme             0.1          679   stable    didrocks      -
core                     16-2.33.1    4917  stable    canonical     core
gimp                     2.10.0       40    stable    snapcrafters  -
gtk-common-themes        0.1          319   stable    canonical     -
intellij-idea-community  2018.2       68    stable    jetbrains     classic
libreoffice          76    stable    canonical     -
microk8s                 v1.11.1      149   beta      canonical     disabled,classic
phpstorm                 2018.2       45    stable    jetbrains     classic
retroarch                1.7.3        120   stable    libretro      -
skype              48    stable    skype         classic
slack                    3.2.1        7     stable    slack         classic
tusk                     0.11.0       16    stable    klauscfhq     -