Snaps not automatically updating on UC 20 custom image


Did something change in UC 20 regarding how snaps are automatically refreshed?

I have released a new snap around 3 days ago, and after I checked on it it did refresh the snap by itself.

The device itself runs 24 hours a day.

Gadget snap has this:

    refresh.retain: 2
    refresh.schedule: "3:00-5:00"

The custom store is also configured correctly, simple snap refresh snap-name was enough to update the snap.

We had this happen for multiple people. Any ideas about a possible reason?

Thanks for reporting this. There were some issues with the store recently that might have delayed refreshes.

Can you please post the output of snap refresh --time? That may give us some clues.

Sure, though now some time has passed since I updated the snap. If I need to release a new snap again/do whatever else to reproduce this issue please let me know I can do that.

root:/# snap refresh --time
schedule: 3:00-5:00
last: 5 days ago, at 18:08 MSK
next: 5 days ago, at 07:47 MSK

Just for anyone having this issue… Looks like it was because snapd started using a new configuration option.

refresh.schedule: "3:00-5:00"

which I had in gadget.yaml does not work anymore. refresh.timer needs to be used. Which is super frustrating to find out in this way. Hopefully all older devices won’t have a broken schedule for updates (does not seem to be the case for UC 16 at least).