Snaps in multiuser system with NFS home


Hi all,

I am not able to refresh my snaps and the refreshing process ends with a permission denied error.

  • Copy snap “rdplot” data (cannot copy “/home/user1/snap/rdplot/18” to “/home/user1/snap/rdplot/20”: failed to copy all: “cp: cannot create directory ‘/home/user1/snap/rdplot/20’: Permission denied” (1))

  • /home is a NFS drive and home directories are /home/$USER

  • Obviously I am dealing with a multiuser system.

Actually, I do not quite understand why the refreshing process needs to modify a users homedir. I think the permission error is related to the fact that not all machines have root-access to the NFS share but even if all the data was on a local drive I do not really want an application write to any users homedir.

Is it a bug or a feautre and how can I get around that? I want to run snap refresh nightly on every machine and all snaps should be up-to-date at any point in time. Is that possible?