Snaps for windows

Hi people, this is my first conversation in this comunity. I just read this article about snapcraft on windows. So, it seems like developers will be able to build and publish snaps from its windows environments. My question is. Is there some plan for the future to install snaps in a windows context. I know windows is every day more interested on acopling linux kernel in ther system, for example, now docker images can run in windows without any virtualization. It is going to be something similar for snaps??


Docker on Windows is using virtualization by relying on WSL2 as a backend. The user experience is amazing, to the point that most people don’t compare it against traditional VM’s like VirtualBox or VMWare, but the technology is definitely still virtualisation.

So no, unfortunately there’s no official plans to support running snaps on on Windows at this time. But there is potential to support snaps in WSL2 in the future, there’s WSL2-like environments such as Multipass that supports snaps, and there’s always the more classic full-fat VM platforms.


Like Firefox from a snap package running via WSL2 as this screenshot shows me running today:

Currently snaps are not offically supported on WSL2. However, you can get them running via an Ubuntu distro with my script located on github:

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