Snaps category


Hi, today I saw that now snaps are ordered by category on this page
My question is: How I can set a category to my own snap?

How to add a Snap to a section / category / group

Currently it’s a manual process which the snap advocacy team have been doing. We haven’t completely categorised all the apps in the store yet, but it’s on our radar to do soon, as a one-off exercise.
Medium term we’d like developers to be able to set the category for their application via the store dashboard. We don’t have a firm date for when that will happen, but it’s certainly a desire to do that soon.


Shouldn’t this be derived from the desktop entry’s Category key’s value?


Not every snap is a desktop app, so don’t necessarily have a .desktop file :slight_smile:

Also, some of the categories in the freedesktop spec aren’t super relevant these days. We’re reviewing the list of store sections to map out what sections in 2018 and beyond might look like.