Snaps cant open because they can't access my tmp folder

My second SSD is mounted at “/home/maxime/Data/” to facilitate remote access. Also, since there is not a lot a space in my system SSD, I moved the /tmp folder to “/home/maxime/Data/.tmp”
My problem is that now many applications simply do not launch because they don’t have access to the external SSD.
I tried the sudo snap connect commands, :

maxime@maxime:~$ sudo snap connect google-chrome-stable:removable-media
error: snap "google-chrome-stable" has no plug named "removable-media"

I think this command gives access to /media and /mnt, but my drive isn’t mounted there. Also, many apps do not have “plugs” to connect to an external SSD because they don’t see a use for it. BUT, since my tmp folder is on an external SSD, I would like for all apps to have access to this drive.

/tmp should not end up taking up your disk space, it should live in RAM instead, it is temporary.

This command only is usable if the snap declares it has a removable-media interface plug. I don’t see any google-chrome-stable snap in the store, so I can’t tell you if the snap does have a plug or not, but from the error message you have, that snap you have installed does not have a removable-media interface plug.

there is definitely no google-chrome-stable snap anywhere, google provides a google-chrome-stable_current_amd64.deb
which … well … is obviously not a snap package