Snaps are not launching or failing to install

I also asked this on ask ubuntu basically I snaps are not working on my ubuntu 18.04 machine and I get an error about the core snap missing even though I have it installed

I think we’ve covered this elsewhere in the forum (search for seed.yaml), but I answered in askubuntu as well, like so:

This is happening with ‘snapshot’ or ‘daily’ images, or images that for some other reason had a broken seed.yaml (the file that helps snapd figure out what snaps to pre-load when you install the system).

We’re working on fixing the issue at the image-creation level, but it’s got a reasonably straightforward workaround:

sudo apt purge snapd && sudo apt install snapd

this works because purging will remove the broken seed.yaml, and reinstalling won’t bring it back. You will however not have any pre-loaded snaps so if you notice you’re missing something you expect to have (like maybe gnome calculator, say), that’ll be why.

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So if I do this I lose all my snaps? I think the gnome desktop is installed as a snap on my system what will happen if I purge snaps and reinstall?

the gnome desktop won’t be a snap, but you’ll probably have several gnome apps as snaps. Check with snap list. And, easiest is probably to write down what they were, and reinstall them after (don’t worry about the ones called gnome-1-2-345 or gtk-common-themes as those will be pulled in automatically).

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