Snaps and output on jenkins

Hi, I have recently tried to use a binary provided by snap (helm) on a jenkins job but I can’t find a way to force it to show me the output of that binary.

When I install that binary in other ways, I do get an output, and I’ve tried other binaries installed via snap (kubectl) and have the same issue.

I digged a bit into the source, and I think the cause for my issue is . Given that Jenkins doesn’t provide a tty, all interactivity (including stdout) is disabled. - Seems to be unrelated to my issue.

Is there any way to force “interactivity” for a specific snap via configuration? Am I wrong in assuming that this is the cause? Any pointers would be appreciated.

that code is for snap’s progress bar, only. It has nothing to do with snapped apps.

Hi, thanks for checking.

It seems to also be used for the /snap/bin symlinks. Following the code:

yes, symlinks are equivalent to snap run, and that instantiates a client.Client, and so it gets passed the Interactive property which does depend on whether stdin is a tty. It isn’t used by run’s Execute. The client’s config’s Interactive property is only used to set X-Allow-Interaction header when talking to snapd, and that is related to policykit.

snap run, when invoked either explicitly or via symlink, will typically not talk to snapd at all; the header is not used at all; even if it does, in no way can that impact the binary that is then exec’ed.

Ahh, clear. So indeed, this code should be unrelated to the issue I’m having. I’ll edit the original post to reflect that.