Snaps and .Net Core

Hi, everyone
Want to know if there is any way to write snaps via .Net core SDK and one of it’s managed languages such as C# or F#?

Ali Baghernejad

No One have any answer for that question?

did u find anything so far ?.. even i am looking to snap a dotnet application. Please do share if you found something

Sorry for the late replies, I seem to have missed these messages back then.

Maybe try and use the dotnet plugin, here is a simple hello-world app (you will need to add base: core18 to the snapcraft.yaml in the snap directory)

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Thanks for your response.

I changed the snapcraft.yaml with base:core18 as below :

name: dotnethello
version: '0.1'
summary: A simple example snap for dotnet in snaps
description: A simple example snap for dotnet in snaps

grade: devel 
confinement: strict 

base: core18

    command: dotnethello

    source: .
    plugin: dotnet

but i am getting the bleow error :

While I look into this, mind trying base: core (instead of core18)?

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I tried with base: core and still have the same issue :no_mouth:

The version details are as below : image

Oh, I think I know what the problem is:

apt remove --purge snapcraft
snap install snapcraft --classic

That should do the trick.

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Thank you so so much for your help. It worked :star_struck::metal: