Snapd tries to read btrfs snapshots?

I’m on Fedora 35. The first time (after boot) I do anything snap related (launch one/run any snap command), I get 3 SELinux alerts:

getattr and open on /home/.snapshots; read on /.snapshots, the default paths for snapper.

Please correct me if I’m wrong, but I don’t see a reason for snapd to touch filesystem snapshots.

(Snaps still work fine)

Can you paste the actual AVC entries?

I didn’t get it again so far, I’ll keep an eye on it O_o

I recall a bug I someone filed a couple of days ago: The /.snapshots and $HOME/.snapshots belong to snapper, not snapd. Vaguely similar names, but completely unrelated.

I am very well aware that snapper and snapd are unrelated, the alert (I accidentally deleted .__.) said snapd. I’m just wondering why I didn’t see another SELinux alert so far O_o

You can probably go through the audit log: ausearch -m AVC,USER_AVC and look for /.snapshots.

sudo ausearch -m AVC,USER_AVC|grep snapshot literally nothing. Thanks so far, I’ll just keep going and an eye on angry SELinux alerts.

“Can’t reproduce” without changing things (as far as I know) is not ideal, but I’ll take it