Snapd system, technical and env requirements

Try as I might, but documentations doesn’t seem to elaborate on what existing support the kernel or the environment needs to have to support fully functional snapd.

I am getting error: system does not fully support, and this reply here seems to hint that that snapd requires kernel loopback support.

The problem is, I’m running KDE neon image for PinePhone, the kernel is not from upstream Ubuntu unlike the rest of the arm64 packages (like snapd's apt package) that can install and run on it. The kernel is compiled and made available by the neon project itself.

TL;DR: I need to know the technical requirements of snapd and provide them in the environment I want to run it in.

The error: system does not fully support snapd message is always immediately followed by a description of the specific sanity check that failed. I don’t know if there’s documentation of the exact featureset that snapd expects, but you can find the full set of checks and the details behind each error message in the snapd codebase’s sanity directory.

take a look at my initial kernel, there are two patches, one for apparmor, one to apply all the needed default config settings (they get applied in override-pull in snapcraft.yaml and then used via the kdefconfig option in there):

(note that i switched to when it started to support the pi4 in the next commit, so dont look at the current master, there the patches are gone :wink: )