Snapd & Snapd-glib are flagged out of date in the AUR

I’ve just noticed that both the snapd and snapd-glib packages have been flagged as out of date in the AUR, is this okay?

snapd 2.54.4 literally was just released about 6 hours ago, probably this is why it’s flagged out of date

Thanks! Snapd just got an update and is no longer flagged.

FWIW, it may take time to push an update, even though Arch and openSUSE are my daily drivers. Keep in mind there’s always a human on the other end and I’m not a robot.

Once someone even requested the package to be orphaned because I was some days behind with an update of a minor release and had more important things to do. It did make me upset a bit.

In the end, if you want to speed up things patches are always welcome. OTOH during the whole time I maintain snapd in AUR (~4years), I got a patch only once so I’m not keeping my hopes up.