Snapd on RISCV?

I have a board which (currently) is running Fedora 33.
I’d like to test some applications I maintain as snaps, on this architecture.
I note there’s no snapd nor up to date core20 (there is one from July 2020).

What’s the plan for making snapd, the store, review tools, snapcraft and friends available for the exciting new world of RISCV?


I wish I was important enough to have one. :slight_smile:

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Anything interesting to report on the snap front for this board? Are you doing anything with it?

Nothing to report. I can’t do much with it given the store and core doesn’t support RISC-V.

Is qemu user static work with it? LXD support RISC V and it snap package :sweat_smile:

Send it to me! I’ll build snapd and a snap on it!

It’s also worth noting that this is another reason a centralized / single store implementation is bad for the community. It can only support what Canonical deems worthwhile without the possibility of outside contributions. In other words we can offer patches for snapd and friends all day long but until the store supports it it’s kind of moot.

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That’s not what the issue is, as I’m sure you’re aware.

Every architectural decision has positives and negatives. There’s negatives to having a distributed store too.

As far as I’m aware Canonical are working on RISC-V bring-up for Ubuntu. It takes time. Canonical has had engineers working on RISC-V for a fair while now. You’ll note there are launchpad builders in the farm, which is just one step towards enabling it in the store.

I’m sure if there were commercial partners, or a glut of RISC-V devices which could run Ubuntu, the momentum would increase. But I suspect it’s not top of the priority list given all the other things that need doing.

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I missed the part about core. You’re right but that’s also build-able.

Do you want to sell the part? :slight_smile:

And you are 100% right. All choices have positives and negatives. I framed it slightly wrong – rather than necessarily multiple or distributed stores without even a place to make MRs/PRs against the community cannot accelerate the adoption of platforms/technologies they care about.

But, I hesitated making the comment on this thread. I really didn’t want to turn it into a “store thread”. My apologies. Carry on.

Last I heard the issue was that focal, on which the core20 snap is based, needed more SRU’s from the development series before it had everything needed to support running snapd, I’m not sure if all of those SRU’s are done, but at the very least everything should be in place to get a clean core22 snap build that supports snaps.

The other issue is that the snapd snap is still built on xenial, so it needs to be migrated to either core20, if SRU’s get done, or core22 when that’s available, but that has internal implications for maintaining the snapd snap which we have not sorted out yet

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Sorry, is that stable release updates?

Yes in 20 characters

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