Snapd namespaces

Hello, I have a specific use case that requires a change in the default namespace assigned to my snap app, I have create new network namespace and i have tried to assign it to my snap app the first screenshot i tried to run my app directly inside the new network namespace called myspace, the second screenshot i tried to run it from the bash that i ran inside the new namespace, the third screenshot i found it informative since i saw that snapd was trying to change the network namespace but it failed because im running the command with unprivileged user. while with privileged user this execv is blocking (which it could be related to apparmor profile of the snap that is blocking the execution of that new namespace).
my questions are:
is it possible to change the default namespace of a snap application?!
if yes any hints about how it should to be done?

Was there a specific apparmor denial maybe? Can you attach the output of dmesg |grep DENIED ?

I suspect that the problem is caused by ip netns creating a new mount namespace and distorting the view if the system for snap-confine/snap-update-ns. I think this could work:

sudo unshare -n <your-snap-app>

I see that it works for a simple case in my testing with a hello-world snap.

Thank you for your reply.
as you can see in the screenshot the output of dmesg with snap oai-mme while trying to run it inside myspace namespace, and also when i tried with simple hello-world snap i have the same error.
I think you are right because when i have tried hello-world snap with unshare it works, but not with ip nets.