Snapd issue


I think I have the same problem as in: Snapd.service delays startup in Ubuntu 18.04 with 4.15.0-24

Ubuntu Core 18 RPi
I installed: ubuntu-core-18-armhf+raspi3.img.xz

On boot I entered the configuration, and account information.
It retrieved from the sever, my account.
The next boot, I noticed:
Aug 08 17:50:35 localhost systemd[1]: Starting Wait until snapd is fully seeded…
Aug 08 17:50:35 localhost systemd[1]: Started Wait until snapd is fully seeded.
top shows heavy CPU usage for snapd.
I then waited 20 min, no change.
I was able to do snap version
snap 2.45.2
snapd 2.45.2
series 16
kernel 4.15.0-1041-raspi2

And on the next boot, it would timeout connecting to the local server.
Not allowing remote connections.
Has not yet recovered.


I found a temporary solution to the problem.

On the first install after entering the credentials.
Login remotely.

At this point it is better to wait for the “Ubuntu Core” to update itself. This may take a while, so remote login and stay logged in. The “Ubuntu Core” will indicate “reboot scheduled to update the system”, let it proceed to reboot. Sometimes it will not reboot, so power cycle it then needed. Do this a few times and snapd will finally catch up with its updates and the CPU usage for snapd will reduce drastically.

sudo journalctl -all | grep -i -e snapd -e update

Aug 08 21:48:50 localhost snapd[671]: storehelpers.go:438: cannot refresh: snap has no updates available: “core18”, “pi”, “pi-kernel”, “snapd”

Hi, sorry that this is happening on your machine, could you provide more logs for us to look at to diagnose the problem? Ubuntu Core will attempt to refresh all snaps when first booting up, and this may take some time, and will result in reboots if the kernel or base snaps needed refreshes, but it should eventually refresh, it’s unclear why it is taking longer than 20 minutes for your system to refresh itself. If you observe it in this state, the output of snap changes would also be useful to see.