Snapd is out-of-date in Yocto (2.61.1)

The meta-snapd Yocto meta-layer needs some love. There are the following things to do:

  • The list of supported Yocto releases needs to be gardened to contain the LTS versions
  • Master must build with yocto master correctly
  • Snapd is somewhat out of date, although I’ve started work to get to snapd 2.60 pull request in late 2023.
  • There’s no CI, making reviews slower, see Yocto CI forum thread

I plan on getting master branch to build with yocto master and to contain latest snapd. From there on I will go over the LTS releases and see if we can easily support them. My current goal is to just test x86_64 in qemu, although I’m open to community support for things like meta-raspberrypi.

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All right, this thread is need of an update!

My current plan for Yocto, in very high-level terms is as follows:

  • Maintain all active Yocto branches as branches of
  • Focus on snapd, disable blind patching of the kernel
  • Modify the layer to dynamically include patches for certain kernels if a corresponding layer is present, for example to build stock kernels for qemu or to build a kernel for raspberry pi if the appropriate layer is presnt
  • Accept patches to maintain patches for certain vendor kernels (e.g. NPX layers, intel layers)
  • Work with apparmor upstream on a reference set of patches for certain kernel versions (TBD)
  • CI/CD everything

I will be posting updates as I make progress through this list. Note that I plan to disable patching of the kernel for combinations that do not have a well-supported/maintained apparmor kernel tree as to not to get stuck on maintaining kernels.

I’ve posted a simple bump patch for kikrstone:

I’ve posted some more patches and I’ve added a table on Distribution support status - snapd - The kirkstone release now has up-to-date snapd for both 5.10 and 5.15 linux-yocto kernels.

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