Snapd is out-of-date in Fedora (2.61.1)

I had a look at the Fedora packaging of snapd and it is only at version 2.58.3. I plan on taking steps towards getting it up-to-date in the next few days.


I’ve started working on updates but before doing something larger I wanted to see a smaller change land. Earlier today Alexander Koskovich reported by e-mail that snapd does not depend on xdelta, breaking delta updates (the issue is masked by fallback logic that does full update instead).

I’ve sent an update that addresses this to rawhide just now:

I expect automated tests to fail, I will address them separately. It looks like man is accessing snapd directory (probably because MANPATH defaults to PATH) and separately the integration test for snapd has a bug causing it to fail.


I’m preparing the 2.61.1 update now. The build has been submitted to Fedora Rawhide. I plan on doing an update in the stable release as well, but it will require karma to release out to updates.

The bodhi update for rawhide/F40 is


I’ve tested and published the update for Fedora 39:

I’ve published an update for Fedora 38 as well:

At present all packages are waiting to be tested to migrate to the archive. We should look at snapd-glib separately, I think it is also out-of-date.

You can test snapd 2.61.1 in Fedora 38 by running:

sudo dnf upgrade --enablerepo=updates-testing --refresh --advisory=FEDORA-2024-b5800ca988

Please provide feedback on

The state of snapd 2.61.1 update to Fedora and EPEL:

Please follow individual links to see the state of the update, instructions on how to test updates before they hit stable archives.