Snapd error - canont find key pair


I have a UC20 test image running for development. Been fine for a few days, then today snapd starts to throw this error when I try and refresh a snap from our Brand Store:

Nov 17 17:38:34 ubuntu snapd[62225]: soft-expired device authorization needs refresh
Nov 17 17:38:36 ubuntu snapd[62225]: taskrunner.go:271: [change 991 "Download snap \"some-snap-name\" (6) from channel \"latest/edge\"" task] failed: cannot read device key pair: cannot find key pair

After a quick google, not entirely sure it’s relevant but I I checked here and there is a file: /var/lib/snapd/device/private-keys-v1

It could be that snapd is too bleeding edge now, but not intentionally.
snapd is tracking beta, but strangely I noticed that beta is ahead of edge in this case:

  latest/stable:    2.47.1                     2020-10-21  (9721) 32MB -
  latest/candidate: 2.47.1                     2020-10-13  (9721) 32MB -
  latest/beta:      2.48~pre1+git1283.g780dd9c 2020-11-13 (10141) 32MB -
  latest/edge:      2.47.1+git1365.gd22d98c    2020-11-16 (10173) 32MB -
installed:          2.47.1                                 (9721) 32MB snapd

…so I seem to be on 2.48~pre1+git1283.g780dd9c , whereas only a few days ago beta was revision 9721, which is 2.47.1


yes you happen to have caught us in the middle of a release cycle, it is entirely possible that something has broken if you are following edge and upgraded from an older edge to the current edge. The new beta should be stable though, so if you create an image and install from the beta channel from this point forward, you should not be broken like this, and if you are please let us know as we are hoping 2.48 to be the final snapd version for UC20 1.0.

Good stuff and no problem, I will look at re-creating our test image using beta channel again, and raise any issues that I find.

Yay - we have a lot riding on this - and looking forward to UC20 release ! :slight_smile:

Cheers, Just

FYI - I have rebased our test image, using relevant beta channels for pc-kernel, snapd and core20. Seems to be working well :+1:

Cheers, Just