Snapd confinement status on OpenSUSE - Re-submit updates to OpenSUSE:Factory for official adoption?


There’s a very outdated wiki on GitHub regarding the status of snap confinement by distro:

At a glance, based on this user’s issues it looks like there’s been movement regarding confinement since the wiki was last updated - cgroups, bpf, etc. example: Cannot start some applications after upgrade to snapd-2.53.1 on OpenSuse Tumbleweed

I’m trying to see if they’ll start supporting snap ecosystem officially over there, and I think confinement was the sticking point (way back in 2017 when canonical first approached Opensuse AFAIK). Reference:

Additional references - discussion on Opensuse Subreddit:

Maybe making some of the updates apparent in the Wiki would help the process, in addition to re-submitting to Opensuse:Factory with updates (the submission made back in 2018 is still current in snappy repo, but doesn’t look like it’s been updated and re-submitted to the factory repo to make it official).

I’m not sure I’m qualified to re-open submission to Opensuse:Factory but I could probably PR the Github wiki if someone wants to give me the progress info

If anyone else has any info I am not aware of, or has a better way to go about this, please let me know.


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