Snapd as snap instead of the deb package


I’ve a system where it came bundled with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS and then upgraded to 20.04 LTS all the way to 20.10.

I see that snapd is both available as deb package as well as a snap package and versions of those packages are the same. I tend to install snaps whenever possible.

Does it make sense to remove snapd deb package and reinstall via snapd?

No, you need the deb package too. It serves as an entry point and owns directories in your filesystem.

Whenever the snap or snapd binaries from the snapd deb package run, they will automatically re-exec a corresponding binary from the snapd snap if it is found to be newer (at least on Ubuntu). With this, and snapd being a snap, it is possible to use snapd from different stability channels and deliver updates/fixes faster than by going though the hole stable release update hassle.

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