Snapd 2.32 release cycle started

The beta channel contains a new “core” with the snapd 2.32~pre1 release. This is the first prerelease for the coming 2.32 snapd. It contains some exciting new features like layouts, auto-connect tasks and system-key based profile re-generation and auto install of default content providers and more.

More details will be posted here and the roadmap page will also get updated shortly. Enjoy the new beta!


Just a small update on the 2.32 release. We have to delay the release a little bit because there is a bug in the new “layouts” code that we need to address first.

In the meantime we will do a 2.31.2 release with some targeted fixes/enhancements today or tomorrow (exact timing depends on the QA validation).

Sorry for the delay!

The 2.32 release cycle is now at 2.32.5 which is in the candidate channel of the core snap and also in the Ubuntu 18.04 release.

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We did a new 2.32.6 release that contains two targeted bugfixes for issues found during the Ubuntu 18.04 testing:

  • a overly short timeout on snap start/stop/restart of services got fixed
  • an incorrect cleanup of profiles got fixed which lead to disappearing profiles in rare circumstances