Snapctl status

I am trying to find a way to know the status of the systemd service from with in the snap . I can start/stop/restart the services for a snap using the snapctl command , Is there a way I could check the current status of the service similarly ?

Note, I also tried using the interfaces process-control, system-observe, daemon-notify hoping one of them would allow running systemctl is-active but with out any success.

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@chipaca is this something you can look at?

Currently there ins’t a way to do this.

I’ll have a chat with the team and see if we can sneak it in.

If it is not yet possible with snapctl , Is there a way I can run the systemctl commands from with in the snap ? Any particular interface I need to connect to?

no, not at this time

Between the following to pull requests, I think you’ll have enough to do what you need. Let me know otherwise.

This still needs peer review, and then it’ll be on the core nightly for you to test; I expect it’ll be part of 2.37.

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just a heads up, the column selectors PR has triggered quite a bit of internal discussion, and is unlikely to land in its current form. ‘services’ one should still be fine (i need to find time to address the review feedback).