Snapctl health --help considered lacklustre

$ snapctl --help
  snapctl [OPTIONS] <command>

Help Options:
  -h, --help  Show this help message

Available commands:
  get           The get command prints configuration and interface connection settings.
  is-connected  Return success if the given plug or slot is connected, and failure otherwise
  restart       Restart services
  services      Query the status of services
  set           Changes configuration options
  set-health    Report the health status of a snap
  start         Start services
  stop          Stop services
  unset         Remove configuration options
  1. Help for get doesn’t need to repeat that it’s the get command. Suggestion: “Get configuration and interface connection settings”.
  2. Order is nonsensical get, set and unset should be next to each other, as should start, restart and stop - could even consider subsections for “Service management” and “Configuration”.
  3. get explanation is a sentence (ends with a .) the others don’t.
  4. set-health says it’s to “Report” the health status, but it’s not clear if that’s reporting to me (i.e. echoing to stdout) or elsewhere.

Indeed, that needs some love, but at the same time it looks like just a few of them need fixing. get and set are worded unlike the others, and is-connected is just too long.

The order is alphabetical, almost certainly because it’s automatic instead of manual.

About set-health, I don’t share the same confusion. It can’t be just a reading command if its name is set, right?

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