Snapcrafters Template Plus: Yet another fork of the Snapcrafters Template

This is an unofficial fork of the Snapcrafters Template with the following features:

  • Dropped the eye candy but not portable center align formatting
  • Separation of the packager-oriented(/ and user-oriented(/snap/ README, only the user-oriented README is intended to be contributed to the upstream with everything a user will expect in the README page of the /snap directory.
  • Additional example code for support on patching and desktop entries customizations etc., including the introduction of the following subtrees:
    • /snap/gui
      For graphical resources like application icons, in spec.
    • /snap/launchers
      For launchers to make the snap works without issues (via setting proper environmental variables, etc.)
    • /snap/patches
      For additional patches to make the snap works without issues if it can’t be solved by custom launchers, and necessary patches to make the snapped/unofficial application distinguishable with the native/official application.
    • /snap/screenshots
      For screenshot pictures to be displayed in the user-oriented README and in the Snap Store
    • /snap/utilities
      Custom scripts to be used in the snap building process, like an installation script for a certain part
  • And more.

Heres the source:

An example snap based on this template:

This is awesome! Thanks so much for preparing this. We’d totally take this as a PR against the original template!

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I see you’re bundling a lot of stuff into the snap folder, including screenshots. I don’t like this because those will be copied into the built snap verbatim and increase the download size of the package for content that is irrelevant to the snap’s runtime functionality. (I’m willing to be swayed though :wink: )

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I believe the content of the source tree’s /snap folder isn’t staged by default?

Nevermind, I found the files under /snap/snap_name/current/snap. I still believe the location is sane though, which can be removed via an override-prime scriptlet or excluded via a customized pattern.

Currently I’d simply let it be as there’s no easy way to ensure these files will be remove from primedir.

I appreciate the appreciation, however, in this work, I’ve made many additions that may be considered abundant to some users, it might be sane to keep it as a variant instead.

I would rather like to request reviewing the following PRs as these resolve my various concerns on the original snapcrafters/fork-and-edit-me:

I have written some templates of the new Intent-To-Package task and the Release-Announcement task in the wiki:

Packager tasks are adjusted to get in touch with upstream in the early phase of development, to consolidate resources and make the upstream aware of the procedure (without surprises).

Comments (and patches) welcome.

Oh, and a simple yad-based demonstration app. has been implemented and buildable right from the sources:


Anyone know how to eliminate the big gap below the text?

It appears that the gap is indeed a yad bug, oh well…