Snapcrafted Firefox starts and works and white [SOLVED]

Hello friends.
I just need Firefox 52 ESR.
I’ve copied official Mozilla snapcraft.yaml and corrected it to my needs.
It is built nicely using lxd and installed.
It starts normally and navigate to any site.
However everything is white.


What wrong with my snapcraft.yaml?

Thank you in advance.

Are all necessary interfaces connected?

snap interfaces firefox52

Obviously not
Below is result of custom firefox “snap interfaces firefox52” and official firefox “snap interfaces firefox”

Have you clue why interfaces are disconnected?

Some interfaces are automatically connected, others (like camera) are not. However a developer can request auto-connection of them via a Snap Store assertion. Your snap isn’t in the store, and you installed manually so you don’t have that assertion, so they don’t auto-connect. So you can manually run snap connect firefox52:(interfacename).
I imagine browser-support is a crucial one.

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snap connect firefox52:browser-sandbox :browser-support

and finally

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