Snapcraftctl pull

I’ve been trying out snapcraft for flutter application I’ve been developing to build a snap and have gotten a lot of failed attempts and frustration in the process. To offer my critique, the system overall feels sluggish and snapcraftctl pull seems to be slowest aspect of all.

What actually happens for me is that even I share the files directly from my local file system i.e. source-type: local and snapcraftctl pull easilly takes between 1 or 2 hours to complete.

I suspect in my sitation it’s mostly because I have the share the root directory due to shared libraries, and it’ll also try to pull the previous build artifacts from previous builds (non-snapcraft) i.e. .nodejs, .git folders. The snapcraft system doesn’t seem to have any sorts of control over the process outside of limiting the copy to a subdirectory.

I am not sure if there’s a better way of going around this, at least when I check the documentation I couldn’t find any relevant options/settings, but it’s very frustrating having to debug, clean snaps, wait for 2 hours, rebuild again.