Snapcraft.yaml examples

Good morning,

are the some snapcraft.ymal files to look into? i miss concrete sample ymal file, regading particualr the snapcraft docuumenation section and so on.

for me and maybe for others, it would be helpful to see total yamls, regarding use-cases.

My concrete questions: :slight_smile:

  1. i have a part (dump) which of soruce-typ deb, an dependit app to this part. no ich want do add a single file “” to this location where the deb file was installed/extraced from snap. is this possible?

  2. how can i switch between two “source” (dump part) folders between two archtecture. for example if arm64 is selected i want to use “/a/x.deb” , othewise “/b/y.seb”

So thank you in advaned, a have a nice week:)