Snapcraft utilities library

I’ve collected several (3 so far) miscellaneous patterns into a single repository that is easy to grok. The current patterns in the library are:

  • GTK App Localisations
  • GTK theme fix for apps running under Wayland
  • Cleanup routine to run last in the build, which clears your snap of any files that are supplied by the base snap or any content snaps you use
  • Extensible hooks allowing you to have multple scripts for each hook
  • Dynamic linker cache which pre-caches your dynamic libraries for faster start time
    • uses the extensible hooks feature above

The patterns are all available in both a manual add to snapcraft.yaml yourself format and a jsonnet version for use with my sc-jsonnet utility. Find out more about sc-jsonnet at its website.

You can find the library at


Added two new libraries:

  • Extensible hooks
  • Dynamic linker cache

Very interesting stuff! Thanks for all of that.

Are there any plans for “upstreaming” those patterns and “upgrading” them to proper extensions? I’m mainly thinking about the dynamic linker cache.