Snapcraft support for ubuntu-14.04?

Hi all,
i want to build snappy image on ubuntu-14.04.
so i followed below instructions
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:snappy-dev/tools
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install snapcraft

i used same instructions which i used on ubuntu-16.04
but snapcraft --target-arch arm64 instruction not working on ubuntu-14.04
so i used snapcraft snap but it is returning some errors like
vendor should be part of this
kernel is not part etc etc…

so how to make build work on ubuntu-14.04 as like ubuntu-16.04?


how about using an lxd container or a 16.04 chroot ? :wink:

then i think its better to continue on 16.04 rather than 14.04…

The snapcraft snap does not yet work perfectly on 14.04, as you noticed-- we’re working on it. It’s really best to use 16.04 if possible, but that’s simply not possible in some cases. Until we sort it all out, it is possible to run snapcraft v2 on trusty as long as you’re willing to run from source. Steps are outlined here.

Thanks kyrofa.will look in to that.