Snapcraft support for Pipenv

Hey folks,

Pipenv is the Python packaging tool that is now recommended by (here); I’ve just filed a bug covering this, but I’d also like to bring attention to this as an important item for the snapcraft folks to consider for their roadmap, as Python projects are increasingly going to move to this.




My understanding is that this is not yet finalized. The new Pipfile format is under heavy development and will replace the existing mechanisms in Pipenv and pip.

We’re definitely watching it, though. :slight_smile:

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Is the expectation that snapcraft would drive pipfile directly, or would it still expect to use it via pip (or, perhaps, pipenv)?

Good to know! :slight_smile:

I wonder if an interim solution, to enable early adopters to easily use snapcraft, could be to set up snapcraft to handle Pipfiles by running pipenv run pip freeze and then using pip install -r on the resulting output?

(It seems to me that if snapcraft doesn’t support it first-class, then people will have to maintain a requirements file in their repo just for snapcraft, which feels like a barrier to adoption. Am I missing an obvious workaround?)

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