Snapcraft successfully build a snap but facing issues related to path

Hi everyone. I am trying to snap a PyQt5 Application that has multiple windows. When I run snap craft it works fine and creates the snap. But when I try to run it after installing it. I get errors related to the path of the files.

Here is my snapcraft.yaml file
Link :

File structure:

code > python files and a directory (including splash screen)
snap > snapcraft.yaml

The error :

/snap/mysnap-test-1/x3/bin/desktop-launch: line 604: /snap/mysnap-test-1/x3/parts/cluemaster/src/ No such file or directory

Any help would be really appreciated.
Thanks in advance.

You’ve inserted a path relative to the build environment. You need to discover the path your command has been installed to (likely $SNAP/bin for the python plugin) and use that - look through the files at /snap/mytest-snap/current/, i.e. the location of your installed snap, to find the executable.