Snapcraft store displays incorrect username



Our snap is listed with old username. Our ubuntu account shows another username but this is not displayed in snapcraft store listing.

Is there any way to solve this? Our old username is not adeguate.




I can look into this for you.

Which snap is this?

  • Daniel


This is the snap in question:

The username is displayed as banana-9, should be banana-ch.

Many thanks!


Hi, did you get a chance to look into this? Many thanks!


Apologies for the delay!

You can change your username by going to:

change the “store username” value in there.

Once you do, please let me know because there’s one extra step I have to do administratively for this change to reflect.

  • Daniel


Hi, no worries!

The store username has been changed as well.

Many thanks,



Hi @roadmr any updates on this?

Many thanks,



Sorry! I missed your earlier update. Let me twiddle the knobs, you should see your change today.

  • Daniel


Thanks for helping with this!