Snapcraft releases are blocked: no automatic reviews are happening

I’ve run into this several times now, with various snaps. @roadmr and @wgrant were the ones to unblock me in the past, so I feel I must invoke them again.

Snapcraft seemingly cannot be released:

This seems to be the same issue I ran into multiple times last week, where Nextcloud releases were blocked due to the store hiccuping on a specific revision and failing the scan, causing all subsequent scans to be held up, requiring manual intervention. First of all, can we please make fixing the failed-review-holds-up-everything issue a priority, and second, can someone please unblock us? The hiccup seems to have happened on revision 1215.

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Last week we had a problem with a bad upload holding things up, which required manual fixing, and for those kinds of issues I’d be OK to just automatically reject the upload and move on to the next. In snapcraft’s case, the blocky upload was fixed (not by me!) which is good because you’re now unblocked \o/ but the downside is, I don’t know what went wrong so I don’t know if the above solution would have worked, but we can certainly do what I described and that should remove a whole class of problems from blocking a snap’s queue.

Uploads which get genuinely held for manual review have the “queue” behavior for a reason, so in those cases we can’t just assume we can leave the held revision behind and move on to the next one. But, since this is a known and genuine case, those uploads have a developer-actionable self-“reject and remove from queue” button.

I’ll look at our code and process and see how I can fix the first case.


  • Daniel

From my perspective it looked the exact same-- the subsequent uploads all said “pending review of 1215”, and the scan status of 1215 was “scan error.” I think automatically rejecting those (sending an email) and moving on makes perfect sense.

Yes, we saw some more occurrences of this problem yesterday and I was able to identify the behavior and file a bug. We’ll do something soon.


I’d love to subscribe to it if it’s public-- would you mind sharing the link here?

I’ve subscribed you to the bug!


  • Daniel