Snapcraft release support for from:risk to:risk

When I release a new core snap from e.g. edge to beta I currently need to type snapcraft status core and then snapcraft release core $rev beta a couple of times (once for each architecture).

I would like to suggest that we have a shortcut for this in snapcraft: snapcraft release core edge beta. This command would take all current architecture revisions in edge and release those to beta. We may also add a “–arch $arch” to limit the action to a particular architecture.

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Thanks for getting this started, given that the current syntax for release is based out of positional commands such that this is what we have:

snapcraft release <snap-name> <revision> <channels>

There is either a possibility of a new command instead of release (e.g.; promote) or use the same release command to also allow something like:

snapcraft release <snap-name> --from <risk> --to <risk> [--arch <arch>]

This does ring some warning bells in me for which a new command might be much more clear, something like

snapcraft promote <snap-name> <from-channel> <to-channel> [--arch <arch>]

<from-channel> and <to-channel> would accept the track` part of a channel.

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The proposed new promote command works for me.