Snapcraft release has no effects for channel latest/edge


I am promoting the edgex-ekuiper snap to the latest/edge with revision (22) on AMD64. It consistently stays in an older revision (6). I have tried snapcraft UI and CLI, they didn’t work. This only happens for AMD64, and not ARM64.

It works fine with latest/beta channel for both AMD64 and ARM64.

Please see:

$ snapcraft release edgex-ekuiper 22 latest/edge
Track    Arch    Channel    Version       Revision
latest   amd64   stable     -             -
                 candidate  -             -
                 beta       1.4.2+snap.3  22
                 edge       1.4.2+snap.3  22
$ snap info edgex-ekuiper
name:      edgex-ekuiper
summary:   EdgeX eKuiper
publisher: Mengyi Wang
snap-id: uHDbM6RybX6Uo6kwkovwPfHejZ2WgPWm
  latest/stable:    –                                 
  latest/candidate: –                                 
  latest/beta:      1.4.2+snap.3 2022-03-09 (22) 17MB -
  latest/edge:      1.4.2        2022-02-03  (6) 26MB -

Thank you!


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This was caused by an unintentional release of a snap with a higher epoch value to the latest/edge channel. New revision with lower epoch value submitted to that channel were not visible.

It would be great if the store UI and snap info command offer visibility on the epoch values to prevent such confusion.

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