Snapcraft push always stuck at 99% with some connection errors

Hi, Am trying to upload my new packaged application to snap store but it always stuck at 99% with some connections errors like below:

snapcraft push natural-reader_1_amd64.snap 
Pushing natural-reader_1_amd64.snap
Preparing to push '/home/bulld/code/A-snap/Natural-Reader/natural-reader_1_amd64.snap' to        the store.
Retrying (Retry(total=4, connect=None, read=None, redirect=None)) after connection broken by 'ProtocolError('Connection aborted.', ConnectionResetError(104, 'Connection reset by peer'))':   /unscanned-upload/
Pushing natural-reader_1_amd64.snap [=====================================] 100%
There was an error uploading the package.
Reason: 'Bad Request'
Text: '<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//IETF//DTD HTML 2.0//EN">\n<html><head>\n<title>400          Bad Request</title>\n</head><body>\n<h1>Bad Request</h1>\n<p>Your browser sent a request     that this server could not understand.<br />\n</p>\n<hr>\n<address>Apache/2.4.7 (Ubuntu)     Server at Port 443</address>\n</body></html>\n'

Help please.

Does it still happen?

Nah. Few days ago i uploaded wonderwall package and everything held right.