Snapcraft promote not working after 7.0

I am seeing a new issue with snapcraft promote after upgrading to 7.0. It doesn’t seem to be recognizing our snap names which worked in previous version.

snapcraft promote --from-channel develop/edge --to-channel develop/beta mysnap
Usage: snapcraft [options] command [args]...
Try 'snapcraft promote -h' for help.

Error: unrecognized arguments: mysnap

Any help would be greatly appreciated since its is breaking our CI/CD pipelines.

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Not that this helps, but to be fair to the devs, I think in v6 promote always warned “snapcraft promote does not have a stable CLI interface. Use with caution in scripts”.

There is no way to promote now, the promote command spills error on every parameter combination

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Fair point!

Have you considered staying on the 6.x/stable channel?

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Sorry about this, looking into it now