Snapcraft Live 6th Feb 2019

Hi snapcrafters! We thought it was high time to kick off some more live video streams. The goal being to cover the basics of snapping initially, then move on to some more complex topics. We’ll be snapping interesting projects we find on the internet and projects that viewers suggest on the live stream. We had our first one on Wednesday and it went well (once I got past the embarrassing ‘live stream technical issues’).

We plan to do more of these, and take requests for topics people would like covered, specifically around snapcrafting things, best practices, optimising the workflow and so on.

You can see the first one below. Feedback / suggestions welcome.


Hi Alan, I would suggest snapping of simple app written in golang with sciter library I am planning project on it and I am not sure of yaml content Can you past it also here as my reply? Thanks.

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Thanks for the suggestion, I’ll take a look.