Snapcraft/Launchpad regression? "snapcraftctl: command not found"

Today, I’ve had two builds of the chromium snap on Launchpad fail at the very end of the build process with the following error:

Building firstrun 
+ snapcraftctl build
/bin/bash: line 46: snapcraftctl: command not found
Failed to run 'override-build': Exit code was 127.
Build failed

Note that snapcraft.yaml for chromium doesn’t explicitly invoke snapcraftctl build anywhere, so it seems it’s snapcraft tripping itself up.

I have observed the problem with one build based on core18 (the current base for chromium) and with one build based on core20 (currently working on upgrading the base). Both failures happened when building on arm*, which typically takes ~ 48 hours to complete. The most recent successful build on arm64 was completed 6 hours ago and was based on core18.

Could this be a regression of snapcraft as installed on the Launchpad builders?

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Both the core18 and core20 log mention “snapcraft 6.0 from Canonical* installed”, that was released around November, is there a regression since then? We did a bugfix release this week, but it seems your build is not using that yet (6.0.1 and 6.0.2 which reverts a change in 6.0.1 to not stage dependencies for pull to avoid timeouts, but it broke most folks with override-pull logic)

If there is a regression it is very recent, as another build succeeded earlier today as I mentioned in the original post. But as you point out the log says it snapcraft 6.0 being used in all cases, so supposedly the same version across all builds. As a side note, it would be useful if the actual revision was printed, too.

The stable/launchpad-buildd channel now has revision 7010, which is snapcraft 6.0.2. I’ll retry a failed build in the hope that the issue is gone, but it will take a couple of days to get the result.

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Retries of the failed builds succeeded, so I’m not sure what happened, but if it doesn’t happen again the case can be closed.