Snapcraft kbuild pluging install stage

At the moment kbuild plugin has hardwired install step which will call
make install
this makes it hard to use with some projects where install step is not defined, for example u-boot.
If kbuild plugin can detect existence of install scriptlet and skip install step in favour of scriptlet, this could unblock use of kbuild to build u-boots in gadget snaps

While i agree that there should be more flexibility, i never understood why you use kbuild in u-boot though, it makes the build process extremely opaque for porters (vs .simply using prepare|build|install snippets directly in snapcraft.yaml which is way more readable when trying to understand the process IMHO)

@ogra you can then argue that kernel snap is opaque, as it’s also using kbuild :wink: When you use kbuild it actually makes it more transparent as you can leave config handling on plugin, rather than magic patch file. And always good to have more options :slight_smile:

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thats indeed totally true :slight_smile:

Here’s a PR making it possible to override the install targets. Please check it out!

@kalikiana PR looks good to me :slight_smile: