navigation needs better navigation / interface.
Seems that functionality has been just thrown at the monitor, so whatever sticks, sticks.


  • unify build, my published snapcrafts and whatever else in a unified list. “my published snaps” and “build with github” show basically the ‘same’ stuff, this should be marked as different by an icon on the list of all snaps
  • there is no need to do a separate page for github vs manual builds, but rather different (overlay) dialog to add one or the other
  • currently, to initiate github build is needed 2 things: repo and registered name. why is here wizard needed and a full screen one? there should be a ‘+’ sign on a list of all snaps that a person is involded and overlay dialog giving these 3 options to add a new build.
  • when logged in, clicking ‘build’ on the top bar shows marketing info (oh look how simple it is to build apps). why? whoever logged in can click their way already since you made it very simple
  • options are not available, app gets build for arm, while i would like to make it only for x64

not sure if this should go to snapcraft category, so it was put to ‘other’