build is not building

It appears that the build features might be down in It is not auto triggering from a github push or from a manual trigger.

Is anyone else seeing this behavior currently?

Repo is bencorrado/wirepas-gateway-ben

This was my mistake, I had an invalid yaml comment line in my snapcraft.yaml.

It would be great to have some feedback other than just not even attempting to process the build on a yaml error.

What exactly happens when you try to trigger a manual build? As far as I know, errors in the snapcraft.yaml file should result in the build being canceled with an error. I currently have a manually triggered build sitting at “Building soon”, and I’m missing an GitHub triggered build too…

Nothing at all happened after a manual trigger. No messages, etc, showed and the “Latest builds” did not show anything either.

The manual build I triggered started just now… So I think it was a temporary issue with the builders.