Snapcraft Forum navigation refresh

Snapcraft’s forum is getting a new look. It is now easier to navigate from the forum back to We hope you enjoy it.

If you find any issue, let us know bellow or on GitHub directly.


I found an issue :slight_smile: what is “snapcra” ?

This is safari on iOS 14.4.2.


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It’s fixed now.
Thanks both for reporting it.

the “more…” button in the search seems to be dead for me …

Why link categories? The only way you end up there is by being on first and then clicking on Forums. The same Forum tab/link/button has different behavior depending on whether you are already on the forums or not. I think that’s potentially very confusing.

this is an error from our side. You are correct it would be confusing. I am updating the header behavior on so both link to the same place: the discourse homepage


the “more…” button in the search seems to be dead for me …

@solazio can you reproduce this issue?

false alarm, it seems to work after a restart of the electron app i use to read this forum …

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my eyes might get old but i find the new color scheme makes it a lot harder to tell apart read from unread threads on the frontpage (i use the “latest” page by default everywhere), the difference between the two greys was bigger in the old theme i think.

I can see this. I just opened an issue so we can work on this soon.

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Since this update, on mobile, the section links (like “Latest” and “New”) in the hamburger menu aren’t working for me when I’m on a post. They do work fine on one of the section homepages.

I can reproduce Images not showing in forum posts · Issue #6 · canonical-web-and-design/discourse-nav, all images are not loaded now, is it related?

I would like to ask whether the “Discourse” label is customizable? I expect it to be “Snapcraft Forum” or something more appropriate, rather than the forum software’s title.

Yes, it is customizable. I opened an issues for this

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Hi @elcste,

Can you provide more information on when this is happening in this issue on GitHub.

I was not able to reproduce the issue.


I replied to the GH issue, but it took me a few days, and the issue was already closed. Just wanted to let you know in case no-one looks at closed issues :slight_smile:

Thanks :slight_smile:

I saw your comment on the issue but I didn’t have time to reply. I reopened the issue and I’ll look at it when I’ll get some time.