Snapcraft exits with 'dict' object is not callable

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to develop a custom plugin but now got stuck with a problem and wanted to ask whether there is a way to get more debugging output or logging other than with snapcraft -d.

The error I get is “‘dict’ object is not callable” and I have no idea where it comes from as I don’t get any stack trace.

My plugin as well as other related files for reproduction can be found in my repository over at:

Can you try developing the plugin and use the snapcraft available as a snap on edge? The debug flag in the current release of snapcraft does not properly print out the stack trace for this error.

Alternatively, you should be able to use the usual import pdb; pdb.set_trace() as a breakpoint.

Thanks for the hint @sergiusens using the edge channel snap made the stack trace print properly. Seems the problem was that I accidentally have overwritten the env function from BasePlugin.