Snapcraft dump plugin and hidden files

I noticed that the dump plugin does not stage files in hidden directories by default. Is there a way to change this behavior of the dump plugin or is the only way to do so to add a stage directives that explicitly add the hidden directory so it is staged and ultimately included in the published snap?

Thanks for bringing this up, @wfaris! This is definitely a bug. There are workarounds on the bug itself, but the dump plugin doesn’t work this way by design; it needs to be fixed.

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I looked into this and I think I see what is going on, not really a dump plugin issue exactly, but right here it looks like the default stage fileset value is “*”

So I think mysolution is to add

- “*”
- “.myhiddendirectory”

same as the recommendation in the bug mentioned in comment above. Thanks for the pointer.

Indeed. This is an issue with most file migration tasks in Snapcraft, including organize, because Python’s globs ignore hidden files.