Snapcraft Docs Day: Friday, 31st March 2017


Tomorrow we will have our first snapcraft docs day. We will be all day working on documentation and tutorials, and helping people to make their first contributions to snapcraft.

To kickoff the day, @popey and David Callé will host a hangout in, at 08:00 UTC.

I will copy here the announcement from popey’s blog:

Announcing Snapcraft Docs Day

Snap is a simple archive format for big things.

Snapcraft is a delightful tool for automatically building and publishing software for any Linux system or device. Our documentation and tutorials are great for getting started with snapcraft. We can always improve these though, so this Friday, will be our first Snapcraft Docs Day.

When: Friday, 31st March 2017, all day
Where: #snapcraft on Rocket Chat
Who: Developers & documentation experts of all levels

Why we’re doing this

The goal is to ensure our documentation and tutorials are useful and accurate. We’re keen to get people testing our documentation, to make sure it’s clear, understandable and comprehensive. If we’re missing anything, or there are mistakes then file those issues, or better yet, fix them yourself.

If you’ve got something you want to snap, this is also a great day to get started. We’ve personally used these tools all day every day for a couple of years now, but perhaps we’re missing something you need. Now is a great time to test the tools and let us know.

Get involved

If you’re interested in contributing to the projects but don’t know where, here’s a great place to start. Snapcraft and Snapd are both free software, and hosted on GitHub. Snapcraft is written in Python, and Snapd is a Go-based project. The teams behind these projects are super friendly, and keen to help you contribute.

Some examples of things you might want to try:-

  • Snap your own personal projects using the documentation available
  • Test the tutorials site out in different browsers / platforms
  • Confirm / triage / fix bugs in snapd, snapcraft, docs and tutorials
  • Write a new Tutorial, perhaps one that has already been requested

Hang out with us in #snapcraft on Rocket Chat during the day. Many of the snapd and snapcraft developers are there to answer your questions and help you. See you there!

Code and bug trackers

Here’s a handy reference of the projects mentioned with their repos and bug trackers:-

Snapd: code on GitHub, bugs on Launchpad
Snapcraft: code on GitHub, bugs on Launchpad
Snapcraft Docs source on GitHub, issues on GitHub
Tutorials: source on GitHub, issues on GitHub


Here is the kickoff recording:

And here is the wrap up:

There’s still time today in case somebody wants to start contributing. Some of us will remain in rocket for a while.

There will be more docs days in the near future. But as @popey said, no reason to wait for the docs day, we welcome contributions every day and we have the super nice David Callé always around and happy to help.

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