Snapcraft --debug weird behaviour

I have noticed distinct behaviour of ‘snapcraft --debug’ command on ubuntu 16.04, In one case it debugs whatever is going on while building snap insite VM using multipass while, sometime it shows nothing after “Launching VM…” .

Documentation says that --debug option will show text from Vm as soon as any error will occur. Which is opposite of case one where it debugs everything to host terminal.

I saw snapcraft --shell option too which is also not consistent in its behaviour. Documentation says it will open shell inside VM and will show output the of process. while it does nothing after “Launching VM…”

Snapcraft version am using
snapcraft, version 3.10.2+git4.g9c6d1cc0

Hi @keshavnrj, this suggests something going wrong with Multipass, would you please file an issue on our GitHub?

snapcraft --debug sometime also report that it was unable to find snapcraft.yaml file,
while am in correct directory.

OK, i thought it was related to snapcraft and not multipass.

This sounds like (fixed) canonical/multipass#1322… What version of Multipass are you using?

Also, you said you’re on Ubuntu 16.04, is that your host or the build environment (i.e. base: core16)?

It may be related to both :slight_smile:

multipass installed via snap

Version is : 1.1.0

16.04 is my host, am using core18 to build.

Hi @keshavnrj would you please file an issue on our GitHub? It’s better suited for tracking bugs than the forums…

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here is opened a bug.