Snapcraft - configure - permission denied

I’m building a snap but when I build the package, snapcraft tell me :

Failed to run ‘./configure --prefix=’ for ‘synchrorep’: Exited with code 126.

When I launch ./configure on my local, all is fine.

Here is my snap.yaml file :

name: synchrorep
version: "v1.5.5"
summary: Synchronize folders
description: |
  Synchorep is an opensource software to synchronize two directories, that means reporting all modifications of one to the other and vice versa. At the end of synchronization, both directories will be strictly the same. This is useful mainly for nomads who work with a laptop or usb key but may interest also users who want to gain time with the use of differential copy.
base: core18
confinement: classic
    plugin: autotools
      - g++
      - make
      - libgtk2.0-dev
      - libsqlite3-dev
      - libnautilus-extension-dev
    command: "synchrorep --config"

Can someone help ?

The configure script in your github repository is not marked as executable. This means that on a Linux system it cannot be ran using ./configure when freshly checked-out. You either need to commit a revision with the execute permission applied or add an override-pull scriptlet to your snapcraft yaml’s part which forces the execute permission once the source is cloned.

I resolved my problem with discovering the --debug option.

Sorry for this